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Top 30 marketplaces in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, online retailers are enjoying the fruits of a fast-growing network of online marketplaces. Research shows that Dutch shoppers are taking to online marketplaces and other platform-based sales channels like ducks to water. In fact, in 2019 a staggering 96% of Dutch shoppers aged 15 and over made at least one purchase online. [1] 

For Dutch business owners and managers selling on these marketplaces, that’s great news. The Dutch love to shop online. Luckily, the Netherlands is home to a diverse online marketplace, ripe and ready for sellers just like you. 

In this article, we’ll be discussing the top 30 online marketplaces active in the Netherlands right now. [3] So, if you’re thinking of diversifying your online sales channels to a new platform (or two), then you’ve certainly come to the right place.

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1. is one of the most popular and well-known online marketplaces in the Netherlands. Currently, there are more than 40,000 entrepreneurs selling via And it’s no wonder since the platform enjoys a healthy customer base of more than 10 million shoppers. To sell on Bol, sellers are required to meet the company’s service standards. [4] When you sell on, you’ll be able to access millions of customers in Belgium and the Netherlands without any start-up costs. You’ll also have access to Bol’s in-house automations, advertising, and logistics. [5]     

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2. fonQ 

fonQ is an online shop headquartered in Utrecht. This marketplace specializes in home furnishings. The company generates almost all of its sales from within the Netherlands. In 2020, global sales reached $68.4 million, the highest performing product category was ‘furniture and appliances’. [23] 

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3. Decathlon

Selling through Decathlon gives you access to 800 million unique visitors per year from a large part of Europe. Decathlon is the sports marketplace in Europe. Decathlon started with the marketplace model in Belgium, then they implemented it in the Netherlands. The rest of Europe is on the roadmap. In 2020, Decathlon already had more than 1500 stores in Europe.

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Beslist has been operating since 2005 and is now one of the Netherlands’ largest ecommerce websites. The platform enjoys upwards of 10,000 affiliated web shops and 25 million products. [4] If you’re thinking of featuring your products on a new platform, then Beslist is a great option. Consumers love the convenient shopping experience, which allows them to compare and buy items at the same time. [6]

5. Conrad

Conrad is a marketplace visited by millions of businesses and people every month. Conrad is active worldwide with more than 6 million products. It is a marketplace specifically for technology and electronics. Conrad has also had physical stores, but they have closed due to a lack of interest. The primary target audience is men who love games, gadgets, radio-controlled vehicles, building something themselves, and electronics. In addition, there are also many companies that need technology or electronics for their product or service and buy it on Conrad.

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6. VidaXL 

Vida expanded their online retail operation to a marketplace model in 2017. The company now enjoys more than 3.5 million customers each year and over 100,000 orders per week. When you become a seller on Vida, you’ll gain access to 27 EU countries, plus Australia and the United States. All it takes is a simple online registration, and adhering to the company’s legal conditions. [4]

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7. Kruidvat

Kruidvat is one of the leading online retailers in the Netherlands, offering a wide range of health and beauty products. With Kruidvat Marketplace, you can reach millions of customers who shop at Kruidvat every week, and benefit from the brand’s loyalty program and marketing campaigns. Kruidvat Marketplace is not a typical marketplace where you compete with hundreds of other sellers. Instead, it is a curated platform where you can offer complementary products that fit the Kruidvat assortment and customer profile. You can sell in categories such as Baby, Health, Beauty, Body, Complementary, and Surprising, and enjoy partial exclusivity on the articles you sell. If you are looking for a unique opportunity to grow your online sales in the Netherlands, Kruidvat Marketplace might be the perfect choice for you.

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We can’t talk about online marketplaces without talking about Amazon. Amazon is one of the biggest names in e-commerce but remains relatively new to the Netherlands. has generated 26.38 million total visits in the last 6 months. [7] Dutch sellers have only been able to register with Amazon since January 2020. Besides just registering as a shop on Amazon, you can use Amazon’s fulfilment option, FBA. For an extra monthly cost, you can have your products shipped by Amazon – a great option if you want to sell products overseas. [4] 

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9. Wehkamp

Wehkamp is one of the Netherlands’ original online retailers. Starting out in 1952 with a mail-order system, the company kept evolving. By 1985, Wehkamp introduced a voice-response telephone order system and by 1995, Wehkamp launched their first website. [9] Today, Wehkamp is a top player in Dutch e-commerce, enjoying 8.20 million total visits over the last 6 months. [10]

10. Leen Bakker

Selling via Leen Bakker gives you access to the largest group of customers within Home & Living in the Netherlands. With more than 170 physical stores and an online marketplace with more than 20,000 products. Leen Bakker is no small player. The company has been around since 1918 and sells in the Netherlands, Belgium, and the Netherlands Antilles. In 2020 Leen Bakker started as an online marketplace, in the following article we go deeper into this.

Read more about selling on Leen Bakker here

11. Homedeco

HomeDeco is made by and for interior enthusiasts. The platform has more than 35,000 inspirational photos. When a visitor has found a dream item, the visitor can order it immediately.

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12. Daisycon

Daisycon is an affiliate marketing company that offers online retailers a way to sell their products across various e-commerce websites. The main point of Daisycon is to help retailers enhance their customer reach and gain more visibility online [6]. 

13. H&M Home

At H&M Home you can transform the interior of your home with the Home collection. You can choose from furniture, bedding, curtains, lamps, decoration, and more in the H&M online shop. H&M Home is active in several countries in Europe.

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14. FfShoppen

FfShoppen is a marketplace for sellers who specialize in gifts, toys, gadgets and household items. More than 10,000 unique visitors visit the online marketplace every month. [6]

15. vtwonen

Vtwonen is a marketplace that has been owned by fonQ since April 2019. That is why the webshop is also called vtwonen by fonQ. The marketplace focuses on home & living. They mainly sell items for your interior such as furniture and home accessories. More than 35,000 products are now for sale on the vtwonen marketplace.

Read more about selling on vtwonen here

16. Kieskeurig

Kieskeurig is an online platform that helps consumers make purchases by giving them reliable product reviews and specifications. [12] The marketplace specializes in consumer electronics home wares, sporting equipment, DIY, gardening products, and more. Kieskeurig has generated 2.55 million visits over the past 6 months and gets 77.14% of its traffic from web searches. [13]

17. Kleding operates across 16 vertical search sites for fashion across the Netherlands, Denmark, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Sweden, France, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, and Belgium. [14] Over the past six months, the platform has generated 897.7k visits and currently ranks 39th for Dutch fashion and apparel. [15]

18. is the largest children’s clothing web store in the Netherlands. In addition to children’s clothing, the website also offers toys, diapers and children’s accessories. Given the niche target audience of more than 1.5 million monthly visitors, is a perfect channel to expand into if you sell children’s clothing and toys.

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19. Zalando

Zalando is one of the largest fashion marketplaces in the Netherlands. The company began as a footwear retailer in 2008 but has subsequently broadened its product range to include more fashion items. Zalando now enjoys a substantial reach across Europe. The Netherlands has a 6% share of Zalando’s overall sales. The platform enjoys upwards of 420 million website visits per month from 35 million active customers. [16]

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20. Blokker

Blokker (formerly Nextail) is a multi-category e-commerce marketplace that is currently enjoying growing success in the Netherlands. In the six months between December 2020 and May 2021, the platform generated an impressive 5.37 million visits in total. [17] Product categories include homewares, appliances, and more. 

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21. MediaMarkt

MediaMarkt is a German electronics retailer founded in 1979. Today there are more than 850 MediaMarkt stores across 13 European countries. The store also operates a successful online marketplace. MediaMarkt links online shops with local brick-and-mortar stores, giving consumers the option to buy online or in-person, or combine different sales channels in their customer journey [19]

22. Afound

Afound is a Swedish company owned by the H&M Group. It is a brand that focuses on the lowest prices for products from H&M, H&M Home, & Other Stories, ARKET, Monki, Weekday, and COS. In addition, there are over 600 popular brands for sale through other sellers. Afound mainly sells clothing, shoes, beauty products, and sportswear for women, men, and children. The concept of Afound is based on contributing to the sustainability of online retail. The product portfolio includes second-hand and vintage clothing. You can also find clothes from current and previous seasons.

Read more about selling on Afound here

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23. Etsy 

Etsy is an American e-commerce marketplace with a focus on handmade and vintage items. Etsy sellers sell products such as handmade jewelry, bags, fashion items, home décor, toys, crafts, gifts, and furniture. Etsy attracts over 2.5 million sellers from across 232 countries, including the Netherlands. [20]

24. About You 

About You is a German fashion webshop and the second-largest European online fashion retailer. The fashion platform specializes in clothing, shoes, and accessories. About You has seen impressive growth and is now valued at more than 1 billion USD. About You is operational across 10 European countries. [21] 

25. eBay

Founded by Pierre Omidyar in 1995, eBay is an American-founded multinational e-commerce corporation. eBay facilitates both consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales transactions. Today, eBay is a global commerce leader that connects millions of buyers and sellers across 190 markets around the world. [22]

26. Home24

In continental Europe, Home24 is a top platform for home and lifestyle e-commerce. In 2012, the home24 brand was established with the intention of enhancing the shopping experience and offering a sizable, affordably priced online furniture selection that caters to all tastes and price ranges.

Read more about selling on Home24 here

27. Douglas

In Europe, Douglas is the top premium beauty platform. Douglas offers a wide range of beauty and cosmetics products by providing more than 130,000 beauty and lifestyle products through online shops, the beauty marketplace, and more than 2,000 storefronts. Douglas now offers their partner sales platform to a number of countries in the EU.

Read more about selling on Douglas here

28. Alltricks

In most of Europe you can purchase sports and outdoor gear from Alltricks, a 2008-founded French online store. Early on in their adventure Alltricks focused primarily on anything related to cycling, but they have since diversified and now also provide equipment for running, triathlons, and other outdoor activities. With an open marketplace concept, Alltricks allows other vendors to add their goods to their already remarkable selection of products from hundreds of well-known companies, all of which are offered to their sizable and devoted customer base. Alltricks recently created a partner program to help established and new sellers gain access to Alltricks’ marketplace.

Read more about selling on Alltricks here

29. Inno

The biggest department store in Belgium is INNO. With 16 stores in all the major cities of Belgium, including four in Brussels, it has a nationwide presence. Fashion, accessories, home, and beauty are important categories. The INNO marketplace aspires to digitalize in-store shopping by providing a unique and individualized online experience.

Read more about selling on Inno here

30. Obelink

Obelink has a huge range of tents, caravans, camping items, accessories, garden furniture and outdoor products. Obelink is a marketplace that operates throughout Europe.

Read more about selling on Obelink here

31. Marktplaats

Marktplaats started out as a platform for individuals selling their personal items (a bit like eBay). In fact, until 2005, the platform was owned by eBay. Today, Marktplaats operates as a commercial marketplace where sellers can advertise and import their products. Marktplaats offers sellers multiple marketing options, plus you’ll be able to publish information about your company and display customer feedback and reviews. [4]

Start exploring new platforms today!

The Netherlands is in an enviable position when it comes to online marketplaces. The Dutch consumer appetite for these sales channels is at an all-time high. For online retailers selling their products via marketplaces, now is the time to diversify your sales channels. Getting your products on a variety of different online marketplaces is a great way to expand your brand reach. An omnichannel approach is now the way to go. 

But managing multiple sales channels can be daunting. The administrative burden is often what puts people off. Luckily, there are tools out there that make managing a multi-platform sales strategy much more manageable. 

e-tailize offers a total solution for managing your marketplaces. All you have to do is connect your webshop to the e-tailize product information management system and away you go. Your PIM will then act as your go-to portal where you’ll be able to push all your products to multiple online marketplaces. That could be Amazon, Bol, or any of the marketplace platforms we’ve discussed today. Read all about the features here

If you’re interested in obtaining a quote for outsourcing fulfillment, you can use the form provided here. We have partnerships with multiple fulfillment providers (all of which are GS1 certified) so you can get quotes from various partners and choose the one that best fits your business needs.

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