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Calculate price
Included number of marketplaces
Connect with all marketplaces we offer.
Included number of products
We use a fair use policy for the number of products. As long as the usage is fair, we don’t charge extra for the number of products.
Included number of integrations
For example: CMS platforms, fulfillment solutions, and more!
Included number of projects
Make as many projects within e-tailize as you’d like.
Included number of orders
We don’t charge extra based on the amount of orders.
Included number of users
We don’t charge extra for the number of users.
Inventory sync
We automatically sync stock between all connected marketplaces and CMS platforms.
SKU hierarchy
By using the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) hierarchy, you can link multiple EANs to the same SKU in a clear and simple way. This makes it possible to keep one common value for multiple products.
Manually adjust stock
Adjust stock in bulk by .CSV or manually in our PIM.
Apply stock margin
Adjust the stock margin on the marketplace and product level.
Orders & Fulfillment
Automatic order processing
Connect your marketplaces, CMS platforms, and fulfillment software, and e-tailize will automatically sync and send orders as well as Track & Trace codes.
Orders overview
View all orders that have been placed on the marketplaces in our fulfillment overview.
Fulfillment network
Easily integrate with our fulfillment options.
Manually fulfill orders
Manually create a shipping label in e-tailize and automatically send Track & Trace back to the marketplace.
Update products on the fly
Easily adjust products by going into our PIM and manually updating fields. Bulk is also possible.
Adjust and upload images
Drag & drop images, or upload them by .CSV to our PIM. We also give the possibility to set a primairy image.
Set product families & categories
Create product families and categories, so mapping to marketplaces becomes easier.
Upload or enrich with .CSV & CMS
Bulk edit all fields in our PIM with .CSV, or connect your CMS platform and update it automatically.
Unlimited custom fields
You can add an unlimited amount of custom fields to any product.
Quick edits
With the ‘quick edit’ function, you can quickly adjust the most important values, such as price, stock, and more, in the product overview.
You can have your products translated in bulk for a fee. If desired, we’ll have it checked by an expert.
Pin & Track specific products
Pin certain products and edit or track them in your dashboard.
Automated mapping
If you want to send products to a marketplace, you can do so using mapping. We already select most of the fields for you, so you only need to check or fill in briefly.
Map content to 100+ marketplaces
Pick any of our 100+ connections to map & list products to them.
Bulk map categories
Map multiple categories of products at once to selected marketplaces.
Add custom fields while mapping
Missing fields while mapping? You can easily add them during mapping.
Edit existing mappings
Select a previously made mapping and adjust it where needed.
List product content & offers to marketplaces
Get an overview of the products you have mapped and listed. Adjust the offer (stock, shippingtime, price, discount, and more) and update or push the new listings.
Bulk list products
Select as many products as you’d like and update or push them to a marketplace.
Preloaded products
After you connect with a new marketplace for the first time, we pull in all products you already sell on that marketplace. This way, you can adjust the listings without having to map.
Apply stock margin
Add stock margin to products that are being sold on the marketplaces in the listing overview
General dashboard
Dashboard with some basic metrics related to your account.
Split account in projects
Separate your accounts or manage multiple accounts easily by using projects.
View & edit all API connections
Get an overview of all connections you have made and edit them.
Help center documentation
Get full access to videos and documentation on how to use e-tailize.
Phone & chat support
You can always communicate directly with an employee via the live support in our platform. If there is really something wrong, we can also be reached by phone.
Onboarding call
We give a tour of our platform through a video call and show you where you can find everything.
Campaign Manager
View advertisements in the campaign overview and easily adjust them.
Ad Builder
Build advertisements from our platform for the available marketplaces. This can be done in a matter of minutes, always with the same flow.
Graphic representation of metrics such as impressions, clicks, CTR, conversions, sales, expenses, and more.
Multi Channel Advertising
We offer advertising for multiple channels such as Amazon,, and Google Shopping.
Health Score
Achieve the most effective listings for your products by leveraging our insights on description, inventory, seller rating, reviews, price, media, and optional fields to boost your sales on marketplaces. Our algorithm benchmarks more than 35,000 products each week using 120 variables to give the best results.
Rank Checker
Discover the positioning of your products in the chosen marketplace. Leveraging AI and a search volume algorithm, we identify the most effective keywords to monitor for your products.
The DataDash serves as a comprehensive dashboard, consolidating data we’ve collected from your selling platforms. It includes information like returns, margins, trending products, order value, sales heatmaps, among others.
Title & description generation
Generate the best possible titles and descriptions for your listings and seamlessly update them in our Product Information Management (PIM) system.
Review Analysis
With a minimum of 10 reviews, our tool carefully selects 5 positive and 5 negative points and provides in-depth insight into customer perspectives. We also offer demographic insight for more context. Convert feedback into action and refine your offerings with data-driven strategies to better connect with your audience. Your reviews, deciphered!

Pricing matrix

Your tier is based on your monthly revenue multiplied by twelve. We do not count revenue from your websites (such as WooCommerce, Shopify, etc.), and we do not count LVB or FBA orders

When does billing occur?

Billing occurs every 2nd day of the month based on the revenue tier you are in.

What is the subscription period?

We offer monthly, quarterly, one- and two-year contracts. The longer you close, the higher the discount percentage.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a cancellation period of one term. 

Where can I calculate my monthly subscription price?

By clicking here you can exactly calculate the price you are going to pay for e-tailize. 

What if I currently use a different integrator?

In the majority of cases, the process can be completed in under an hour. If you require additional support, we are more than happy to assist you with the transition from your current integrator to our system.

Why do you have revenue tiers?

We do this to make e-tailize accessible for every type of company. We do this by offering all functionalities without limit. This allows you to grow without up-front investment costs. Your revenue tier gets based on the revenue through marketplaces that are coupled to our platform.

Fun fact: the higher your revenue tier, the lower our price will be as a percentage of your revenue.


What do you count as revenue?

We only count the turnover through marketplaces (so not via webshops) and we do not include LVB or FBA as turnover.

Payment methods?

We accept iDEAL, credit cards and PayPal. 

Why are the prices "starting at" and how much will I pay?

We work with pricing tiers to make e-tailize accessible for anyone. You can calculate your exact pricing by clicking here.

Need more information?

Contact me!

Ricardo Rubino