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Read about how our customers are leveraging e-tailize to win.
“I was looking forward to expanding to, it is a complicated process that takes time. With e-tailize this could be done easily and quickly, they really put effort into simplifying complicated processes, and you notice that as a customer” Robin, marketplace manager at Business Challenges sells food, snacks, accessories, and more. They […]
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Industrieel Huys
“We put our products online on via e-tailize in no time. After that, stock and order management started automatically. It is a nice feeling to automate these processes, and have them running smoothly” Redouan, owner Industrieel Huys Business Challenges Industrieel Huys is a seller of industrial home furnishings. Industrieel Huys inspires customers with the […]
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“I had been looking for a platform to centrally manage my marketplaces for some time now. With e-tailize I have found the right partner for this. The integration (which I was most anxious about) went smoothly thanks to the helpful team.” Dave Vlaar, owner Boekskes Business Challenges Boekskes sells children’s books and children’s book subscriptions. […]
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“We recently transferred our marketplaces to e-tailize, it’s a relief to be able to focus on things that really matter and not have to spend time on stock management or things of that nature” Dennis, owner Mr.Bowmont Business Challenges Mr. Bowmont is a seller of unique swimming trunks for lounging, relaxing and of course: swimming. […]
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