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Cutting edge analytics 🔪

At Paudin we focus on knifes, knife sets, chef’s knifes, and steak knifes. We collaborated with e-tailize to sell on new channels and, after upgrading to their Analyze module, have seen significant sales growth.


Results: 280% increase in sales on

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Laurent Vergne

Booming fashion 👕

We produce top-quality clothing at affordable prices, ensuring you always stand out. With e-tailize’s support, we’ve expanded to prominent marketplaces, notably INNO, and have secured a spot in their brick-and-mortar stores.


Results: sells on multiple new marketplaces, generating more sales.

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House of Merchant

Unbreakable expansion 🗺

We are a company specialized in shatterproof glassware. We have linked our website to e-tailize and listed products on Obelink through the PIM system. Additionally, e-tailize manages our inventory and order management across all channels.


Result: quick expansion to new marketplaces through the PIM-system.

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Eco-commerce evolution 💚

At Darieka we aim to revolutionize e-commerce by acquiring and integrating eco-conscious businesses, emphasizing products that better our world. With e-tailize, we’ve seamlessly integrated 8 channels, saving significant time to focus on other facets. 


Results: automation allowed Darieka to focus on boosting business revenue.

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AC products

Print, Profit, Repeat 🖨

AC Products is making 3D printing accessible to everyone. Thanks to e-tailize, we’re effortlessly present on platforms like Conrad, ePrice, MediaMarkt, and various Amazon markets (NL, BE, FR, IT), allowing us more time for innovation.


Results: AC products placed their products on 7 new marketplaces and increased sales significantly

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