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Top 10 Marketplaces in Croatia

Croatia, with its stunning coastline, rich history, and vibrant culture, is not only a popular tourist destination but also a thriving marketplace for both locals and visitors. Whether you’re a seller looking to expand your reach or a buyer seeking unique products, Croatia’s marketplaces offer a diverse range of options. 

In this article, we’ll explore some of the top marketplaces in Croatia, each with its own distinct features and offerings.

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1. Kaufland

With its well-established brand presence and widespread popularity among Croatian consumers, Kaufland’s online marketplace experiences robust traffic, offering sellers unparalleled visibility. Leveraging Kaufland’s expansive network, sellers can tap into a diverse customer base, showcasing their products to a wide audience. The platform offers sellers tailored features like detailed product listings, secure payments, and attentive customer support. Kaufland’s localized approach ensures Croatian sellers smoothly join, benefiting from the retail giant’s trusted reputation and broad market reach in Croatia.

Kaufland marketplace selling guide

2. eBay

eBay, a global e-commerce powerhouse, extends its reach into the Croatian market, providing sellers with a versatile platform to showcase their products to a diverse audience. With its widespread popularity and established presence, eBay experiences substantial traffic in Croatia, offering sellers unparalleled visibility and opportunities for growth. Sellers on eBay benefit from a myriad of features tailored to enhance their selling experience, including robust product listings, competitive pricing tools, and secure payment processing options. 

3. Conforama

Conforama is a leading online marketplace in Croatia, boasting an established presence and a reputation for its extensive product offerings and user-friendly interface. With a substantial user base in the country, Conforama experiences high traffic, making it an attractive platform for sellers looking to reach a wide audience. Sellers benefit from a range of features tailored to enhance their selling experience, including robust product listings, secure payment options, and efficient customer support. Conforama prioritizes localization, providing Croatian sellers with tools and resources designed to facilitate a seamless and effective selling process within the Croatian market.

Conforama marketplace selling guide

4. provides a comprehensive range of products, spanning electronics, fashion, home goods, and more. The marketplace stands out for its emphasis on quality and reliability, offering buyers assurance when making purchases. For sellers, provides a seamless listing process and robust seller support services. The platform attracts significant traffic, benefiting from its reputation for quality and reliability. 

5. Pharmarket

Pharmarket is a burgeoning online marketplace in Croatia, gaining traction for its specialized focus on pharmaceutical and healthcare products. Despite its niche, the platform sees significant traffic from health-conscious consumers seeking reliable and convenient shopping options. Sellers tapping into Pharmarket can leverage its targeted audience to showcase their pharmaceutical offerings effectively. The platform’s features cater specifically to the healthcare sector, offering robust product listings, adherence to regulatory standards, and a user-friendly interface tailored to the needs of both sellers and buyers. Pharmarket’s localized approach ensures that sellers can navigate the Croatian market seamlessly, tapping into the country’s growing demand for online healthcare solutions.

Pharmarket marketplace selling guide


TWIL, an emerging online marketplace specializing in wine, offers Croatian sellers a unique platform to showcase their products to wine enthusiasts across the country. Despite its niche focus, TWIL experiences considerable traffic from passionate wine connoisseurs seeking a diverse selection of quality wines. Sellers benefit from TWIL’s specialized features tailored to the wine industry, including detailed wine descriptions, expert reviews, and curated collections, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

TWIL marketplace selling guide

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7. offers a wide selection of items across various categories, catering to diverse consumer preferences. The marketplace features an intuitive interface that makes it easy for sellers to list their products and for buyers to browse and make purchases. attracts significant traffic, thanks to its comprehensive marketing strategies and reputation for quality and reliability. Sellers benefit from access to a large customer base and robust seller support services, including tools for managing listings, promotions, and customer inquiries.

8. Skroutz

Skroutz is a dynamic and popular online marketplace in Croatia, renowned for its comprehensive range of products spanning various categories. With a significant user base in the country, Skroutz attracts substantial traffic, offering sellers an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their products to a diverse audience. Sellers on Skroutz benefit from a plethora of features designed to optimize their selling experience, including detailed product listings, competitive pricing tools, and seamless integration with multiple payment options. Its localized approach ensures that Croatian sellers can effectively navigate the marketplace, capitalizing on the platform’s extensive reach and the country’s burgeoning e-commerce landscape.

Skroutz marketplace selling guide

9. Joules

Joules, a well-known fashion and lifestyle brand, extends its presence into the Croatian market with its online marketplace, offering sellers an attractive platform to showcase their products. With Joules’ established reputation and widespread popularity among fashion-conscious consumers, the online marketplace experiences significant traffic, providing sellers with extensive visibility. Sellers on Joules benefit from a range of features tailored to enhance their selling experience, including comprehensive product listings, seamless payment processing, and responsive customer support. 

Joules marketplace selling guide

10. Modivo

Modivo, a leading online fashion marketplace in Croatia, provides sellers with a vibrant platform to showcase their products to fashion-forward consumers across the country. With its extensive range of clothing, footwear, and accessories, Modivo attracts a substantial amount of traffic, offering sellers unparalleled exposure. Sellers on Modivo benefit from a range of features designed to optimize their selling experience, including detailed product listings, customizable storefronts, and seamless integration with multiple payment options. Modivo’s localized approach ensures that Croatian sellers can navigate the marketplace with ease, tapping into the country’s fashion-conscious audience and the platform’s growing influence in the Croatian fashion industry.

Modivo marketplace selling guide

Why e-tailize is the Best for Selling on These Marketplaces

While each marketplace has its unique charm, you need a reliable and efficient partner that can help you with integration, analysis, and advertising. e-tailize stands out as the ultimate solution for sellers aiming to conquer Croatia’s online marketplaces.With e-tailize, you can:

Channelize, Analyze, and Advertize.

  • Channelize: This module enables you to centralize and automate your product management, inventory management, order fulfillment, and more for over 125 integrations. This means you can easily manage your listings on multiple marketplaces from one platform.
  • Analyze: This module allows you to centralize marketplace data streams and utilize e-tailize’s data models to create powerful online marketplace analytics. This can help you make informed decisions about your sales strategy.
  • Advertize: This module enables you to centralize campaign management and build ads centrally to save time. This can help you effectively promote your products across different marketplaces.

In conclusion, e-tailize provides a comprehensive solution that can help you centralize, optimize, and monetize your online sales across various marketplaces in Croatia.

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