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Amazon Posts: the new tool to grow your brand

For brands that sell their products through Amazon, the arrival of the Amazon Posts tool is an innovative development in the field of marketing. In addition to the Brand Story and A+ content, sellers can now post to the marketplace.

In other words, sellers have recently been able to “post” on Amazon. The tool is much like Pinterest and Instagram, allowing you to scroll through various posts. Sellers can tout products in an Amazon Post with a great story, including images.

But how exactly does Amazon Posts work, what exactly does it entail and what are the benefits for sellers? In this article, we will explain to you exactly what Amazon Posts are and how exactly it works. Be sure to read along to learn more about it.

What are Amazon Posts?

Amazon Posts are a visually-oriented social media feature from Amazon that allows sellers on Amazon to promote their brand and products. The tool allows sellers to share photos and descriptions of their products on Amazon to attract the attention of potential customers.

Posts appear on product detail pages and on Amazon customers’ feeds, which can help build brand awareness and drive sales.

Benefits of Amazon Posts

One of the main advantages of Amazon Posts is that it is free to post. So it is actually a form of organic advertising. However, this is not the only benefit of Amazon messaging. Below we will discuss the main benefits:

  • Highlighting products: by using the right image, title and short product description, you will attract the attention of your target audience easier and faster. Therefore, a post can be seen as a free ad on Amazon, provided you know how Amazon’s algorithm works.
  • Product description: not everyone will be immediately familiar with your brand and products. In a post, you have the opportunity to create a clear product description explaining exactly what the product is, what customers will get out of it and why they should buy it.
  • Showing product in action: it is ever difficult to estimate a product’s dimensions and how the features described actually work. Through an image in a realistic environment and possibly a video, customers get a good idea of the product’s quality, operation and design.
  • Advertise offers: many sellers use ads on Amazon to make offers known to the public, however, advertising on Amazon costs money. Instead, you can create a free Amazon post to spotlight deals.
  • Build brand awareness: most customers will not be immediately familiar with your brand and products. In that case, Amazon Posts is the perfect tool to tell customers more about what your brand stands for and what’s special about your products.
  • Direct link to the product: many sellers on Amazon use social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, etc. for their marketing. From these channels, they also post links to their products on Amazon. The big difference with Amazon Posts is that you post a direct link to the product on the same site. Individuals who are on Amazon are already looking for a product anyway so the propensity to buy is automatically higher.

How does Amazon Posts work?

Getting started posting Posts on Amazon is pretty easy. Follow the step-by-step plan below to get started posting on Amazon:

  1. Go to and log in with your ad console login credentials or create a business account;
  2. After creating the account, you will be taken to the “Welcome to Posts” page where you can click on “Get Started.
  3. If you sell multiple brands through the same account on Amazon, you now need to select and brand for which you want to start using Amazon Posts;
  4. Enter your brand name and upload a logo of the brand. Then press ‘Submit and continue’ to create your profile;
  5. Congratulations, you have now created an Amazon Posts profile and can start posting your first post on Amazon immediately;
  6. Click on ‘create post’, add an image and description, and prefix the post with ASINs to make it complete.

Good to know: it is possible to add up to 10 ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) to each post. ASINs are 10-digit codes used to identify products sold on Amazon.

Who can post on Amazon?

At the time of writing, Amazon Posts are only available to US-based sellers registered with Amazon Brand Registry (both Sellers and Vendors). Even if you do not advertise on Amazon, you can use Posts on Amazon as a brand-registered store.

Where do Amazon Posts end up?

If all goes well, you now know how to post an Amazon Post, but where do these posts end up? Since few sellers can still use the tool, it is currently of extra interest to those who have access to the feature.

It is good to know that Amazon Posts end up on different pages. However, Amazon’s algorithm will determine where they can be seen and by whom. The following is an overview of the possible places where your Amazon Posts can be seen by site visitors.

Amazon Brand Feed

The Amazon Brand Feed is your personal feed where all Amazon Posts become weather data. Customers can find information here about your brand and products from the posts.

Your personal Brand Feed can be thought of as a kind of Instagram page. In fact, it is possible for customers to follow you on this so that new posts always show up in their feed.

Product page

At the bottom of the product page, a carousel is displayed with “Related Posts” This shows posts of products that the customer might also find interesting.

When customers click on a “related post,” they are directed to your personal Brand Feed. So here they see not only the product they clicked on, but also all the other posts.

Category Feed

Amazon gets a huge number of visitors each month, some of whom are specifically looking for a particular product, while others are not yet sure exactly which model or brand they want.

In that case, they can use categories. The category pages also display related Amazon Posts.

Once you have optimized your post and have good sales performance, Amazon’s algorithm can determine to display your post on the relevant category pages.

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