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Amazon Brand Registry: how to protect your brand on Amazon

With Amazon Brand Registry, you as a seller have the ability to register and promote your trademark. In addition, this creates a safe and secure environment for customers, as counterfeiting of a brand is prevented.

In addition to protecting your brand as a seller and receiving monopoly for selling your brand, you also get access to various tools to grow your brand on Amazon.

What exactly Brand Registry on Amazon is, why you should take advantage of it and exactly how it works, we explain to you in detail in this article.

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry is a program that has been around for several years and allows sellers to register and protect their brand name. It is a program that allows sellers to patent the sale of their own products through Amazon. That way you can sell successfully through Amazon without having to deal with fradeurs or people who want to imitate you.

The system behind Brand Registry is constantly being improved to prevent fraud. With an effectiveness of more than 99%, they stopped more than 2,500,000 attempts to create new sales accounts in 2021 alone.

Why use Brand Registry on Amazon?

With as many as 2,500,000 million sellers worldwide, all of whom have access to selling the same EANs, it is imperative to have your own EAN code or product registered through Brand Registry on Amazon.

By registering your brand name with Amazon, you prevent other sellers (with a stronger position) from making off with the profits from your product. This is because you retain the right to monopoly for your EAN or product.

Moreover, with Amazon Brand Registry, you get access to various anti-fraud resources and various tools to grow your brand.

What do you need to register your brand on Amazon?

To register your trademark with Amazon, you need a few things. The following is a list of the things you need:

  • Brand name with an active registered trademark;
  • The government-registered trademark number;
  • Images of the brand logo;
  • A list of product categories in which to include the brand;
  • A list of countries in which the brand is made and distributed.

What does it cost to register a trademark?

Registering your trademark through Brand Registry on Amazon is free. However, you will have to register your trademark externally with a government agency before you can do so on Amazon.

It is important to consider here where your brand is made and where you want to sell it.

This allows you to register your trademark at the Benelux level through BOIP. This protects your trademark within the Benelux for 10 years. It costs €244 and it costs €263 if you want to extend your trademark protection for 10 years.

However, if you are going to sell in countries other than the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium, you will have to apply for trademark protection at the European level. You can do this through EUIPO and costs €850 for 10 years of trademark protection, with the option to renew every 10 years.

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Get access to advanced resources and tools with Amazon Brand Registry

When you register your brand with Amazon through Brand Registry, you gain access to various resources and tools in addition to a monopoly. This allows you to protect and grow your brand. This gives you access to, among other things:

  • Project Zero: With Brand Registry, brand owners gain access to Amazon’s Project Zero program. This allows you as a seller to have product listings with counterfeits removed immediately, without having to contact Amazon.
  • A+ Content: thanks to A+ Content, you can provide your product pages with extensive text and product images to highlight your brand’s story. This will increase traffic and boost sales for your brand.
  • Sponsored Brands: with Sponsored Brands, you have the ability to place ads on Amazon that feature your logo, custom title and up to three products.
  • Amazon Stores: with a custom Amazon Store, you can create a page for your brand where your entire product portfolio can be found. Here, customers can discover your brand’s products.
  • Brand Analytics: thanks to Brand Analytics, as a vendor you gain insight into useful data from which you can make strategic decisions regarding product portfolio and marketing activities.

Grow your brand with e-tailize

If you are going to sell your own brand on Amazon, it is important to register and protect your brand. After all, this also applies to selling your own products on other marketplaces, such as, Shopify and MediaMarkt.

When selling through multiple marketplaces simultaneously, you quickly lose track of product and inventory management.

Thanks to e-tailize’s platform, you are able to centralize and automate product management, inventory management and fulfillment for more than 100 integrations, including marketplaces, CMS platforms and fulfillment solutions.

Also, create and manage all ads for different integrations from one place. Get analytical insights regarding ad performance with our advertize module and optimize where needed.

Grow your brand on a variety of platforms from one convenient program. Have anytime, anywhere visibility into product and inventory management, and automate the entire fulfillment process with e-tailize.

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