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Selling privately on Amazon: what are the requirements?

Can you sell on Amazon as an individual? We find that there is quite a bit of confusion about this issue; we at e-tailize get questions about it every day.

The majority of people create a wonderful sales plan and work towards the official go live, nevertheless, sellers soon face challenges including the set sales conditions from Amazon.

Once you have your sales plan fully thought out and developed, you would prefer to start selling your products as soon as possible, such as through Amazon. We understand this all too well, but is it possible to sell products on Amazon as an individual?

On this page we tell you all about selling privately on Amazon, so you know exactly where you stand and what steps to take.

Can I sell on Amazon as an individual?

If you want to sell products on Amazon as an individual, unfortunately it is not possible. Amazon only allows registered businesses to sell products on the platform. Chamber of Commerce registration is a requirement to register as a seller.

This means that as a seller, you must have a registered business address and a VAT number to start selling on Amazon.

As an individual, you can buy products on Amazon, but not sell them.

In brief:

  • Selling privately on Amazon is not possible
  • A KVK registration is required
  • A valid VAT number is required
  • As an individual, you can only buy product on Amazon

What does this mean for you as a private seller?

Before you can start selling through Amazon, registration with the Chamber of Commerce is required. The majority of starting private sellers choose to register as sole proprietorships or general partnerships.

The biggest motivation for choosing these legal forms is the relatively low and one-time start-up cost of €50 (excluding VAT).

You can easily schedule a physical appointment online through the Chamber of Commerce website. After completing the online information, you will be invited to stop by a KVK location near you.

The appointment takes about 30 minutes, after which you will have an official KVK registration with all the necessary details to sell as an individual on Amazon.

Do you also want to start selling internationally through Amazon or use FBA Amazon? Then additional requirements apply, read about them by pressing the links.

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Why doesn’t Amazon allow private sales?

The policy of not allowing private sales applies to ensure that all sellers operating on Amazon meet certain quality standards and maintain a high standard when it comes to customer service.

Amazon strives to provide the best possible experience and sees working with professional sellers as an important step toward achieving this goal. Moreover, this prevents Amazon from allowing shady sellers to offer products on the platform, which benefits Amazon’s reliability and security of supply.

Selling on Amazon with e-tailize

We hope we were able to properly answer your question about private sales through Amazon and get you started with the information.

After you register with the Chamber of Commerce, you can sell on many more marketplaces besides Amazon. e-tailize helps you with this and enables you to centralize and automate your product and inventory management and order fulfillment for more than 100 integrations.

Our platform also includes an advertize and analyze module that allows you to create and manage all your ads from one place on several marketplaces at once. Get insights you can use to optimize your ads to grow even faster.

Do you really want to make the most of selling on Amazon? Then consider an account manager. Through e-tailize, we can, in most cases, arrange a dedicated account manager for you with Amazon, giving sales a real boost.

Do you have questions about Amazon’s platform or want a hand? If so, Amazon’s account manager will help with this so you can focus on the real work and make more sales through Amazon.

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Connect your accounts within a few clicks, upload your products and choose stock and orders synchronization.

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