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Selling on Sprinter sports

Interested in selling via Sprinter sports? Then you’ve come to the right place. In the table of contents below you can see (and click on) what we will cover in this article.

Why sell through Sprinter Sports marketplace?

Sprinter Sports is a renowned platform that has established itself as a leading destination for selling sports-related products. With a rich history spanning several years, Sprinter Sports has consistently provided a reliable and trusted platform for sellers to showcase their merchandise to a wide audience. Their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has earned them a strong reputation in the industry. Whether it’s athletic apparel, equipment, or accessories, Sprinter Sports offers a diverse range of products that cater to the needs of sports enthusiasts.

Advantages of selling through Sprinter Sports via e-tailize

  • Wide customer base for sports-related products.
  • Strong brand reputation and customer loyalty.
  • Access to Sprinter's extensive distribution network.
  • Opportunity to tap into Sprinter's marketing resources.
  • Potential for increased sales and revenue.
  • Collaboration with a well-established sports retailer.
  • Enhanced visibility and exposure for your products.
  • Potential for long-term partnership and growth opportunities.

Fully integrate Sprinter Sports marketplace with your systems

Do you want to manage Sprinter Sports marketplace and any future or current marketplaces in one place? At e-tailize you can accommodate the following functionalities:

  • Sales on marketplaces throughout Europe (more than 125 integrations)
  • Centralized order management (automatic and manual)
  • Centralized stock management
  • Complete PIM system, specially designed for marketplaces
  • Easily place products on marketplaces from one screen
  • Integration with various fulfillment software (e.g., MyParcel or Picqer)
  • Connection with well-known CMS platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, and more)
How do you sell on Sprinter Sports marketplace?
Step 1
Register your business

To sell on Sprinter sports, you need to have a registered business. Ensure that you have all the necessary legal requirements in place before proceeding.

Step 2
Create an account on Sprinter Sports marketplace

Once your business is registered, you need to create an account on the Sprinter sports marketplace. This will allow you to access the platform and start selling your products.

Step 3
Set up an e-tailize account

To effectively manage your sales on Sprinter sports, it is recommended to create an e-tailize account. This platform will help you streamline your inventory, orders, and other aspects of your online business.

Step 4
Upload your products using e-tailize

With your e-tailize account, you can easily upload all your products to Sprinter sports and other marketplaces. This will ensure that your inventory is synchronized across multiple platforms, saving you time and effort.

Step 5
Optimize and monetize with e-tailize

Utilize the ‘Analyze’ and ‘Advertize’ modules provided by e-tailize to optimize your product listings and maximize your sales on Sprinter sports. These tools will help you analyze customer behavior and create effective advertising campaigns to drive more traffic to your listings.

Possible Problems and Challenges

Knowledge | Quite a bit of knowledge is needed to be able to compete well with current sellers on Sprinter Sports marketplace. That’s where an analytical tool like e-tailize can help you. Our dashboard gives you the insights and pointers you need to take the fight.

Errors | It is important that you as a seller keep your performance score as high as possible. Stable stock synchronization and reliable order forwarding are therefore critical. In addition, you also want to be able to efficiently process a high number of returns. With a tool like e-tailize you can be sure that there are no (synchronization) errors between your marketplaces, webshop(s), fulfillment parties, and the PIM system.

Scaling | When you have Sprinter Sports marketplace under control, you want to expand the number of channels – and thus your reach. If you import your products into a PIM system, you can also upload the products to other marketplaces in addition to Sprinter Sports marketplace. In addition, you have immediately arranged your order management and stock synchronization.

What categories do you have through Sprinter Sports marketplace?

On Sprinter Sports, the main categories you can sell are:

  • Athletic Shoes
  • Sports Apparel
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Sports Accessories
  • Team Sports
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Outdoor Gear
The Buy Box
The Buy Box
When several partners offer the same product, one of the partners is featured in 'het koopblok' or the Buy Box. That's because this partner has the best offer in terms of price, delivery time, and service. Most sales are made through the Buy Box. So it is essential to win this. A common tactic to always win the Buy Box is to set up your own brand with unique EANs. If you are the only provider of a product, you will always win the Buy Box. Additionally, this strategy can be applied to Sprinter sports [integration] to ensure dominance in the Buy Box.

Seller Rating
Seller Rating
Your ability to get a high score on the 'service' aspect (named in the Buy Box section) depends entirely on your Seller Rating. Your Seller Rating is determined based on how well you meet Sprinter sports's terms of service. Below this block you can find some of the conditions Sprinter sports will measure.

The costs & conditions

As a seller on Sprinter Sports, there are certain fees and commissions that you need to be aware of. When you make a sale, Sprinter Sports charges a small transaction fee based on the total value of the item sold. Additionally, there is a commission fee that is deducted from the final sale price. This commission fee varies depending on the category of the item being sold. It is important to factor in these fees when pricing your products to ensure profitability.

Sprinter Sports also has specific selling conditions that sellers must adhere to. These conditions include:

  • Time for returns: Sprinter Sports allows customers to return items within a specified time frame, typically 30 days. As a seller, you should be prepared to handle returns and provide refunds or exchanges promptly.
  • Delivered on time percentage: To maintain a good seller rating, it is crucial to ensure that your orders are delivered on time. Sprinter Sports expects sellers to maintain a high percentage of on-time deliveries.
  • Responsiveness to customer questions: Sellers are expected to promptly respond to customer inquiries and provide assistance when needed. Quick and helpful responses contribute to a positive customer experience.
  • Maximum delivery time: Sprinter Sports sets a maximum delivery time for sellers to ensure timely delivery to customers. It is important to fulfill orders within this timeframe to avoid any penalties or negative impact on your seller rating.
  • Product quality and accuracy: Sellers are responsible for accurately describing their products and ensuring their quality. Providing detailed and accurate product information helps build trust with customers and reduces the likelihood of returns or disputes.
  • Compliance with Sprinter Sports policies: Sellers must comply with all Sprinter Sports policies, including those related to prohibited items, intellectual property rights, and customer privacy. Failure to comply with these policies can result in penalties or account suspension.

Learn how to sell on Sprinter Sports marketplace

To learn how to sell on Sprinter sports, you can follow these steps:

  • Research the product: Familiarize yourself with the Sprinter sports products and services. Understand their features, benefits, and target audience. This will help you effectively communicate with potential customers.
  • Understand the market: Study the market trends, competitors, and customer preferences. This knowledge will enable you to position Sprinter sports products effectively and highlight their unique selling points.
  • Learn effective sales techniques: Take courses or read books on sales techniques and strategies. Understand the sales process, including prospecting, qualifying leads, presenting solutions, handling objections, and closing deals.
  • Develop product knowledge: Continuously update your knowledge about Sprinter sports products. Attend training sessions, webinars, or workshops provided by the company to stay up-to-date with new features and offerings.
  • Practice active listening: Develop strong listening skills to understand customer needs and tailor your sales pitch accordingly. Ask open-ended questions to gather information and show genuine interest in solving their problems.
  • Build relationships: Focus on building long-term relationships with customers. Provide excellent customer service, follow up on leads, and address any concerns promptly. This will help you establish trust and loyalty, leading to repeat business and referrals.
  • Utilize technology: Familiarize yourself with the sales tools and software provided by Sprinter sports. These tools can help you manage leads, track sales progress, and provide valuable insights for improving your sales performance.
  • Seek feedback and learn from experience: Regularly seek feedback from your sales manager or colleagues to identify areas for improvement. Reflect on your sales interactions and learn from both successful and unsuccessful experiences.
  • Stay motivated and persistent: Sales can be challenging, so it’s important to stay motivated and persistent. Set goals, celebrate small wins, and maintain a positive mindset. Learn from rejections and use them as opportunities to refine your sales approach.
  • Continuously learn and adapt: The sales landscape is constantly evolving, so it’s crucial to stay updated with industry trends and adapt your sales strategies accordingly. Attend industry conferences, read sales blogs, and network with other sales professionals to stay ahead of the game.


In conclusion, selling on Sprinter Sports can be a lucrative opportunity for businesses looking to expand their online presence and reach a targeted customer base. With a wide range of categories to sell in, sellers can showcase their products to a large audience and increase brand visibility. By utilizing the e-tailize platform, sellers can easily manage their inventory, optimize their product listings, and effectively monetize their presence on the marketplace. However, it is important to be aware of the challenges and requirements of selling on Sprinter Sports, such as maintaining a high seller rating and adhering to the platform’s selling conditions. By following the steps outlined and continuously learning and adapting, sellers can maximize their success on Sprinter Sports and provide a positive buying experience for customers. e-tailize can help sellers navigate these challenges and optimize their selling experience on Sprinter Sports through its comprehensive functionalities and integration capabilities.

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