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Improve your Fulfillment with Logistics through A Detailed Guide for Sellers

Improve your Fulfillment with Logistics through A Detailed Guide for Sellers

Want to boost your sales on Then you can do so through Logistics via This gives your customers the best experience in terms of delivery, returns and customer service.

You hand over the entire fulfillment process to, so to speak, ensuring the best possible service for your customers. Read all about Logistics through bol and find out if you qualify for the partner program.

What is logistics via bol?

Logistics via bol is a partner program where the entire logistics process is taken out of your hands by As a result, your customers can count on fast shipping, easy returns and expert customer service.

In addition to handling the shipping process, they will also take over some of the customer service. As a salesperson, you save time and money allowing you to occupy yourself with things that really matter.

When you choose Logistics via, orders from customers who order before 11:59 p.m. are usually delivered the next day, both in the Netherlands and Belgium. And you know what they say; a satisfied customer, is a customer who comes back.

The benefits of logistics through

Logistics through offers immense benefits for both sellers and customers. To give you a clear picture of this, we are going to discuss the main benefits below. Be sure to read on to discover what Logistics via Bol can do for you as a Bol salesperson.

  • Save time and money: takes over the entire logistics process from packing to shipping. As a result, as a vendor, you don’t spend time and money setting up and managing an organized logistics process.
  • Select delivery options for customers: if you use Logistics via Bol, your customers have the option of using all Select delivery options.
  • More likely to win the buying block: with Logistics via, as a seller you have a better chance of winning the buying block, which means growth in sales and potentially more sales.
  • Fast delivery: sellers who sell their products Logistics through Bol, can guarantee their customers fast shipping. Customers who order before 11:59 p.m. can expect to receive their package the next day.
  • Sustainable shipping:’s fulfillment centers are becoming increasingly sustainable, so as a seller, you are also doing your part for a better environment.
  • Competitive rates: for products you sell through Logistics via Bol, you pay a fixed all-in rate per item. The cost per item depends on the category the product falls into. Weight and dimensions are considered.
  • High customer appreciation: with Logistics via, you can count on the best service for your customers. This equates to more satisfied customers and higher customer ratings, which in turn can contribute to a better position for the buying block.

Logistics via Bol: what about costs?

Sellers who sell their products through Logistics via Bol naturally face costs. However, offers competitive rates for fulfillment, delivery and storage.

We can distinguish between a number of different categories related to the weight and dimensions of the package. Below we have listed them for you:

Maximum weight:1 kg2 kg5 kg5 kg8 kg15 kg
Dimensions (cm):23.5 x 16.5 x 337.5 x 26 x 337.5 x 26 x 545 x 30 x 855 x 35 x 2075 x 20 x 41

* For items falling under category L, an additional rule applies that the content of the item must not exceed 70 liters.

As for Logistics via Bol costs, fixed rates are applied for order fulfillment, shipping and storage. The cost depends on the category an item falls under. Below you can see the costs in one convenient overview:

Rate category:Fulfillment cost per item:Delivery cost per item:Total per item ordered:Storage cost per item (p/m):Total including storage:*
XXXS€ 1,30€ 1,07€ 2,37€ 0,13€ 2,50
XXS€ 1,39€ 1,63€ 3,02€ 0,14€ 3,16
XS€ 1,59€ 2,92€ 4,50€ 0,23€ 4,73
S€ 1,99€ 3,38€ 5,37€ 0,45€ 5,82
M€ 2,10€ 3,42€ 5,52€ 0,60€ 6,12
L€ 2,81€ 3,73€ 6,54€ 0,90€ 7,44

* Please note that storage charges are calculated per item per day. Therefore, the total including storage cost only applies to items that have been in storage for exactly one month after being sold.

Additional conditions Logistics via Bol rates

As you have been able to see, charges fixed rates for Logistics through Bol. Depending on the size and weight of the package in which the items are to be shipped, prices may vary. However, there are also some additional conditions on top of the Logistics via Bol charges, namely:

  • For shipping items in sizes XXXS and XXS to Belgium, it is not possible to use the mailbox package option. These items will instead be shipped as XS format, with the corresponding rate applicable.
  • There is an additional charge of $0.35 for items considered fragile, watches, sunglasses, bags/leather goods, baby & toddler clothing, clothing & shoes and items with expiration dates.
  • Please note that the rates listed do not include the cost of labeling bSKU (€0.18 per item).
  • To manage the number of items in stock at the fulfillment center, storage fees are charged based on the number of items stored per day.
  • Ahead of the holiday season, is using increased storage rates (peak rates) for stored items during the months of November and December.
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Terms for Logistics via

To qualify for the Logisiek via partner program, you must sell a minimum of 3,000 items per year through the platform. From the moment you sell 3,000 items per year you can sign up after which will invite you when there is enough room for new partners.

Once you start selling through Logistics via, you must meet the delivery requirements at all times. That means shipping your stock properly to a department store. Consider the proper packaging and shipping method.

In addition, items should always be labeled with the appropriate bSKU labels. You can choose to do this yourself or outsource it to charges €0.18 per item for labeling and €0.23 if you would have done this yourself but didn’t.

Furthermore, it is important to start converting and pre-subscribing your items that you will sell through Logistics via Bol on time. This way, you reduce your shipment processing time and orders are handled directly by

Logistics via Bol: is there an alternative?

There are indeed alternatives other than Logistics via Bol. For example, consider finding third-party (e-)fulfillment services, where rates may be a bit lower. Although offers competitive rates, it never hurts to explore more broadly.

e-tailize is a platform that allows you to integrate different sales channels into one dashboard. This allows you to centralize product management, inventory management and fulfillment across multiple sales channels.

In the process, several tools are provided that make it possible to automate the entire process of order fulfillment, product and inventory management. Linking e-fulfilment service is among those possibilities.

The biggest advantage of e-tailize is that you can fully automate such processes for multiple marketplaces/sales channels. So you don’t have to arrange this separately with various marketplaces, such as Amazon and

Curious about all the possibilities of e-tailize for your business? Then schedule a demo with one of our Growth Experts to look together at how e-tailize can boost your business.


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