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Integrate with Lyra WMS

Interested in integrating with Lyra WMS? Then you’ve come to the right place. In the table of contents below you can see (and click on) what we will cover in this article.

Why integrate with Lyra WMS?

Lyra WMS is a warehouse management system tailored for e-fulfilment warehouses to process their orders more efficiently and effectively. Lyra has been built with a fulfilment first mindset and has therefore perfected the warehousing flow for e-fulfilment which in many ways differs from a regular warehouse.

Lyra offers a lot of value in a competitive space such as automated invoicing, automated shipping labels, efficient inbound management and much more. Lyra also makes it easy to connect with integrators such as e-tailize to make your customers process from sale to shipment as smooth as possible.

Advantages of a Lyra integration via e-tailize

  • Process orders faster
  • Integrate with 100+ platforms (via e-tailize)
  • Centralize information from your warehouse
  • Manage products easily from the e-tailize PIM-system
  • Streamline your purchasing
  • Efficient return processing

Fully integrate Lyra WMS with your systems

Do you want to manage Lyra and any future or current marketplaces or CMS platforms in one place? At e-tailize you can accommodate the following functionalities after linking:

  • Sell ​​on marketplaces across Europe (over 100 integrations)
  • Centralized order management (automatic & manual)
  • Centralized inventory management
  • Full PIM system specifically designed for marketplaces
  • Easily place products on marketplaces from one screen
  • Integration between Lyra and e-tailize is updated often for maximum performance
  • Connection with the well-known CMS platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce and more)

How do you pair with Lyra WMS?
Step 1
Create a Lyra account

Create a Lyra WMS account and upload your products.

Step 2
Connect e-tailize

Connect via e-tailize with Lyra.

Step 3
Synchronize both systems

Synchronize your warehouse and products.

Step 4
Streamline your processes

Easily upload your products to new marketplaces and automate your entire supply chain.


Compared to other options on the market, Lyra is priced very competitively. You pay a monthly fee that starts at €449,-. You can find the prices of Lyra here.


Lyra is an easy-to-use online warehouse management software, specially made for fulfillment warehouses. The integrations they support make it easy to automate your marketplaces from A to Z with e-tailize.

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