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$5 per 500 extra results

$5 per 500 extra results

$5 per 500 extra resultaten

Rank Checker

Discover how consumers can find your products. Provide a list of your products, search terms, and marketplaces, and we will search on which page each product can be found, in which position it is placed, and what the search volume is.

Category Rank Checker

See if consumers searching by category find your products. Give us your company name and the categories you want to check, and we will find where your products are in these categories.

Review checker

Spot emerging trends and assess sentiment around your products. Tell us about which products and marketplaces you would like to receive information about, and we will provide a report with the average score, the number of reviews, and the content of these reviews per product.

Sponsored Products Checker

Get a better idea when placing your ads. We can check your products for you to see if they are sponsored and where advertisements can be found in the marketplace.

Competitor Checker

Stay on top of your competition’s inventory. Provide us with a list of competitors and we will find out which products they sell and how much inventory they hold per product and per marketplace.

Custom Live Analytics

Do you still need other data? We can build Live Analytics that exactly meet your needs. Click here to view pricing.