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Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Programma

Amazon launched the Climate Pledge Friendly program in 2020. This program should help consumers find sustainable products and give sellers the opportunity to label their sustainable products.

In collaboration with various third-party certifications from government agencies, non-profit organizations and independent laboratories, sustainable products are now emphasized in Amazon’s store.

In addition, Amazon has also created its own certifications, namely ‚Compact by Design‘ and ‚Pre-owned Certified‘. We tell you on this page exactly how the Climate Pledge Friendly program works and what the various certifications entail.

What is the purpose of Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly?

The primary goal of Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly program is to reduce its carbon footprint. By linking various certifications to products, based on sustainability, sellers are encouraged to offer and develop sustainable products.

In Amazon’s store, sustainable products are emphasized through the „Climate Pledge Friendly“ label. On the product page, consumers can then view the certifications to see on the basis of which aspects the product is labeled as sustainable.

Climate Pledge Friendly-Zertifizierungen von Amazon

Amazon works closely with more than 40 third-party certifications from government agencies, non-profit organizations, and independent labs. However, they have also developed their own certifications, called Compact by Design and Pre-owned Certified.

Both relate to specific, sustainable aspects of a product. Below we explain what exactly Amazon’s two certifications entail.

Kompakt durch Design

Compact by Design is a sustainability certification developed by Amazon. This certification is used for products with a more efficient design. This also includes the method of packaging.

Just think of a packaging for detergent that uses a lot of plastic and the detergent is often mixed with water. Concentrated detergent is mixed with less water and can therefore be packaged in a smaller package.

Thanks to more compact product dimensions, less packaging material is needed and the weight of the product will decrease. This in turn will contribute to a reduction in consumables and transportation costs. Together, everything together reduces CO2 emissions.

Aus Vorbesitz zertifiziert

In addition to innovative developments in the field of design and packaging, Amazon has also entered the battle with ’second life products‘. The Pre-owned Certified certification highlights used, certified products that have been inspected, cleaned and, if necessary, repaired to strict standards.

By buying second-hand products, the lifespan of products is extended, there will be less need to extract raw materials and electronic waste will decrease.

Products that qualify for the Pre-owned Certified certification include refurbished smartphones and tablets. In addition to being an environmentally friendly solution to give products a second life, consumers benefit from a competitive price.

How can I participate in the Climate Pledge Friendly program as a seller?

In order to participate in the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly program, Amazon will need to contact you. It is not possible to register yourself as a seller for the program. Amazon invites brands and sellers to participate by providing certifications to products that improve at least one aspect of sustainability.

Perhaps in the future it will be possible to sign up for Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly program. It could possibly be a possibility that you can submit an application for one or more certifications for your products. However, Amazon has only just started with the program, so developments are still at an early stage.

How do you qualify for Climate Pledge Friendly?

To be eligible for the Climate Pledge Friendly program, you will have to look at the products you offer. There are a few rules for this:

  • A product must at least be certified by one of the external third-party certifications or;
  • A product must be certified by Amazon’s own certifications, Compact by Design or Pre-owned Certified.

Third Party Certification

As a seller, are you interested in pursuing an Amazon third-party sustainability certification? Then first view the list of certifications Amazon works with. See immediately which agreements your product has with regard to the certification.

You can then work directly with the certifier to have your products inspected and provided with an official certification. Amazon receives updates from the certifier to identify products for the Climate Pledge Friendly program.

Once you are certified, you do not need to make any adjustments to the product data. You are automatically included in Climate Pledge Friendly.

Certification by Amazon

Amazon has made the certification process simple by looking at existing product features from the product range. Corresponding products can therefore be quickly and easily qualified for Climate Pledge Friendly.

For the Compact by Design certification, a product must meet at least one efficiency improvement with regard to the design. The product will also have to be registered in the Brand Registry program and fall into a qualifying product category.

To certify products with itPre-owned by Design label will have to meet strict standards based on inspection, cleaning and possible repair. The starting point is to give products a new life without sacrificing quality.

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